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I like pop music and tara knowles a whole lot
"and so we all matter--maybe less than a lot but always more than none"

"If you can take one thing from the set when the show wraps, what would it be? And guys you can’t say your cuts because that’s too easy." [X]


Man, Mom’s kinda crazy.


7/? of my favorite fics (in no particular order)

» cola with the burnt-out taste

author: frayedhalo (tumblr)

wordcount: +19k

rating: mature

summary: the au where louis is under house arrest and harry loves him & fruit and brings him flowers out of his own garden. they can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing when it rains.


RJ, Brazil. May 8, 2014.

[Lea Michele] will guest star in the sixth episode of the Kurt Sutter drama’s final season, playing Gertie, an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother who connects with Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a difficult time. Her episode is slated to air Oct. 14 on FX.

new and improved fangirl challenge [2/20 family ships]: Callie & Jude Jacob

"You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.”

 Lea Michele arrives on the set of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (x)